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My tips and tricks

Of mice and shortcuts

On the desktop, the right mouse button allows you to click on the "Properties" menu item, which invokes the Display Configuration dialog.
It is often forgotten that the right mouse button can be used in many other places to modify the Windows working properties, and spares you opening the Configuration Panel or the Start Menu:
  • On the "My Computer" icon, the "Properties" menu item invokes the System Configuration dialog
  • On the "Network Neighbourhood" icon, the "Properties" menu item invokes the Network Configuration dialog
  • On the "Internet Explorer" icon, the "Properties" menu item invokes the Internet Configuration dialog
  • On the taskbar, the "Properties" menu item, through the Start Menu Programs tab, enables you to customize and organize the start menu. This same tab enables you to clear the histories of opened documents, executed commands and file searches.
  • On the "Start" button, the "Explore" menu item opens the Windows Explorer
All these tricks work as well under Windows 95®, Windows 98®, and Windows NT® (versions 4.0 and above).

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