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Afficher cette page en français

Web sites of interest to me

Sites in French are flagged with French flag.     What else did you expect?.

First things first

(formerly Lyonnaise Câble)


They provide me with a permanent connection to the Internet through the cable. And, they broadcast my favorite TV programs on that same cable. If only they would get rid of those programs I don't like!


They're hosting my pages. They're also my backup Internet Service Provider (through dial-up) for a price you can't beat.

ATT Global
(formerly IBM Global Network Services)
ATT Global Network Services

My first Internet Service Provider, so I still have a tender spot for them...

XTEQ Systems Xteq Systems

A group of developpers who produce excellent free utilities to enhance Windows' user-friendliness and tuning. They're scattered all over the world, and so far have never met in person.
They have done me the honour of counting me as one of their members.


This site provides a path for all Internet fans to locate tips, tricks and pals from all over the world. It used to have a corresponding newsgroup server, news.lockergnome.com. It sends out an excellent and free newsletter. Both the site and the newsletter are heavily oriented toward Windows, 9x and NT. The newsgroups, however, contain discussions about other Operating Systems.
This site is maintained by a complete geek, named Chris Pirillo, his wife Gretchen, and their dog Sprocket. Keep up the good work, you three!

Where some of my information comes from

Windows updates
Windows 95 updates95
Windows 98 updates98

If you have Windows 95 or Windows 98 on your computer, and whatever version of it, these pages will give you links to all the available updates and fixes. It even has pre-compiled update lists that will help you avoid redundancies and omissions.

Hardware Guide

Tom's Hardware Guide

Whether you want to build your own computer or repair it, or just understand how it works, this site will tell you all you've ever wanted to know without daring to ask.

Axcel216's Max Speed
Windows tricks and secrets


Whichever version of Windows you are using, this site will provide you with all the information you need to make it run as well as possible.
Warning: This site is so chockful of information that you'll spend hours browsing it. You had better prepare beer and sandwiches before you start..

Where I find most of my utilities


A set of mirror sites where the available softwares will not remind you to pay their author at every other mouse click, hence its name. You will find sharewares and freewares there. There are many categories of utilities, and also games.

Keep a clean system at all times

Clean the Windows registry

Microsoft's Registry Cleaner


Free, one of the first registry cleaners for Windows (all 32-bit versions). Written by Microsoft employees, available for download from Microsoft's site (after a lengthy search), but neither sanctioned nor supported by Microsoft.
If you can't get it from Microsoft, you can get it here.

Power Tools

Unfortunately no longer free, one of the most powerful system and registry maintenance toolsets. Updated often.

ToniArt's Registry Cleaner
Easy Cleaner

Free, will clean the registry as well as temporary and redundant files.

Detect and prevent intrusions

Zone Alarm Free firewall
Zone Alarm

Free for personal use, an efficient firewall that is easy to set up. Made by Zone Labs.

Sygate Personal Firewall

Free for personal use, an efficient firewall. Slightly more complete that Zone Alarm, but also slightly more complex to configure. Made by Sygate.

Kerio Personal Firewall

Free for personal use. The most complete free personal firewall. Rule-based, it is of course more complex to configure than the two previous ones. But it also gives you the finest control over which application uses which port. Made by Kerio (technology transferred from Tiny Software).

My raw, unsorted Favorites links

If you're too impatient to wait until I have sorted and selected them. ;-)

Caution,    men at work!

My hobbies

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