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Pierre Szwarc,
Paris, France


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My hobbies

Apart from my IT activities, I read scientific magazines and science-fiction books ("hard" science-fiction, mind you, not fantasy nor sword-and-sorcery!). I purchase my books on the Internet. I read them preferably in English for two reasons: for one thing, translations are generally unsatisfactory because they are hastily thrown together (I know, I used to do some when I was a student!). Also, it keeps me in shape language-wise. I also spend as much time as I can surfing on the Internet, because I feel (probably rightly) that it keeps me in touch with the whole world. I also read comic books from time to time.

I like classical music and some modern singers. I also like humour in all its guises, provided it is not vulgar (but I have nothing against sex-oriented jokes).

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