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Pierre Szwarc

Pierre Szwarc,
Paris, France


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Who I am

I am 65. I have been married for 42 years to the same woman (!), so we are pretty much used to each other by now.
I like dogs and good food (not necessarily in that order).
I am interested in science, and I keep informed as much as I can.
I also like to connect to the Internet to find tips and tricks and more or less useful, or entertaining (or both) software.
I like (not necessarily electronic) games of reflexion and/or adventure, but not action games (my reflexes are not up to that).
Incidentally, I also like computers.
And I hate sports, any kind of sports (including on television), except maybe Sumo (which I don't practise).

I built my first computer in 1979. It came as a kit with a naked motherboard and all the components, to be soldered on it, in a box on the side. It was called "NASCOM 1". It had 2 Kilobytes RAM (yes, you read correctly!) extensible to 16 Kb. It was built around a Zilog Z80®, and used a black-and-white TV as its monitor. I didn't do much with it, but it did teach me a lot about those infernal contraptions.

For more information on this antiquated machine, please see this site: MIXTEL (use the "Nascom Information" link for details).

I have been living in Paris since my early childhood. I received all my education here. I can't even imagine living anywhere else than in a city… But everyone to their tastes, right?

I also like derision in any circumstance, which not everybody appreciates…

A few pictures of my dog

Pierre Szwarc,
Paris, France

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