Pierre Szwarc's Resume

Since 1999 PSZ Assistance
  Independant consultant on systems architecture, micro-computers et networking
  • Help in the choice of computing solutions. Assistance in the setup of hardware and software.
  • Basic and advanced education in the use of micro computers
  • On-site and remote maintenance of micro computers.
  • Architecture and setup of local networks.
1983-1998 Computer Associates France
(after acquisition of Cullinet Software France in 1989)
  1996-1998 Global Information Services - Country Service Manager
  • Complete rebuilding of the company's network (optical fiber and laser link).
  • Migration to Windows NT of the Novell Netware servers.
  • Management of the voice network.
1994-1996 Manager of the Virtual Enterprise Center (permanent show-room)
  • Design and setup of the Center.
1993-1994 Pre-sales support Consultant, System Management Software for open systems and micro systems.
1991-1993 Pre-sales support Consultant, Enterprise Management Software (data bases and development software) for large and mid-range systems.
1989-1991 Technical Support Consultant for large systems data base software.
1984-1989 Simultaneously:
  • Pre-sales support Consultant, all products.
  • Client education, all products.
  • Post-sales support Consultant, Decision Assistance products.
  • Technical support Consultant, Decision Assistance products.
1983-1984 Pre-sales support Consultant, all products.
  Consultant, data base specialist.
  • Technical audit for a financial Institution.
1977-1982 Compagnie Electro-Mécanique (C.E.M.)
(Brown-Boveri group)
  1979-1982 Data base Administrator (CICS and DL/1 environment).
  • Setup and implementation of a data dictionary.
1977-1979 Project Manager, Internal developments.
  • Specific developments for the Technical and Financial Departments.
  • Setup of an interactive accounting system.
1974-1976 Ordifinance Company
  Development Manager in a Mark IV Time-sharing environment.
  • Design and development of a Stock-Exchange real-time interactive data base.
1973-1974 L'Informatique au Service du Développement (I.S.D.)
(Groupe Prétabail)
  Project Manager.
  • Development of accounting systems for the Group.
1971-1973 Kodak-Pathé Company
(Vincennes, France, plant)
  Data processing Consultant, Factory Management Control Department.
  • Management of maintenance and construction expenses.
  • Participation to the design of the Automated Manufacturing Control for the new Chalons-sur-Saône plant.
1969-1971 Bull-General Electric Company
  Financial Analyst.
  • Responsible for leasing calculations.
  • Development of an automated computation application on the Company's internal time-sharing system.

1964-1967: Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures, Paris (E.C.P.), promotion of 1967.
1967-1969: Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, section Economie et Finances Privées.

English: Fluent
Spanish: Street conversation level
German: Basic notions

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